Canadian-born Michelle grew up in Singapore and Indonesia. In her childhood she was always surrounded with Indonesian art and artists; nevertheless she is always reminded of her Chinese heritage through tradition, legends, and myths. After discovering her love for the wearable arts, Michelle went on to pursue further studies of fashion and textile in Italy. Upon graduating in 2009 from Istituto Europeo di Design Moda Lab Milano, Michelle Worth Design Studio started out as a custom-order atelier in Jakarta called 'Opium,' creating one-of-a-kind pieces reflective of her two-worlds upbringing. In 2014, Michelle launched her ready-to-wear line, Michelle Worth, with a goal of sharing her creations as everyday wear. 

Apart from her Western and Eastern heritage, Michelle is inspired by the anatomy of the world, may it be rhythm of music, mathematical patterns in nature, the course of history, or the unknown frontiers of space.