L I V I N G     O N L Y     I N     T H E O R Y 

FALL/WINTER 2015/2016

This collection tells the story of a Byronic heroine who used to live in the stars, watching over the well-being of the heavens and the earth. As humankind progressed into an intelligent civilisation, they begin to theorise that the stars in the sky are not the presence of their gods and goddesses, but large collections of hot gases and rocks. She became unnecessary and forgotten, her scorn and misery slowly killing her. At the end of her immortality, she dematerialises into the diamonds in the sky that lights the lonely dark night, fulfilling the prophecy of her life as an ancient theory.

The title “Living Only In Theory” was an alternative name to David Bowie’s final days as the flamboyant, Martian alien Ziggy Stardust. His drastic transformation into his cold Thin White Duke persona parallels the difference in colour palette from Michelle Worth’s previous, colourful and bright, Spring/Summer collection, “Earth To Curiosity,” to the bleak, muted colours of her newest Fall/Winter collection. The elements that build this collection varies from each other by genres and centuries; however juxtaposed to create a world set neither in ancient times nor in the modern world. The heroine reflects upon many women who has inspired Michelle: strong and independent, yet passionately insecure and romantic. It was said that the Moirai, the Fates Sisters in ancient Greek mythology, were not at all the ugly, old women as commonly portrayed, but were beautiful, immortal young women living in Mount Olympus in their robe of stars.

The plots and settings of Michelle’s inspirations are apparent in the collection in the form of fabric manipulation, embellishment, and colour scheme. The tucks and pleats manipulation personifies time, an endless ripple effect distorted only by the stitches caused to alter the course of space and story. The heroine’s timely death and transformation into stars are represented by Swarovski elements, arranged to depict constellations such as Ophiucus, Sagittarius, the Hunter, Andromeda, and many more. The colour speaks true to the melancholic nature of solitude: a series of dusty colours, white, navy blue, and turquoise.

This collection brings the soul and endorser on a trip through the very essentials that drives forth Michelle’s inspirations; music as a personification, space as the known yet unknown frontier, and the poetic anatomy of time and the human body.