C H I N E S E   T R E A S U R E    B O A T

In the early Ming Dynasty, explorer and fleet admiral Zheng He, travelled around the globe and brought back many mysterious and enchanting treasures never before seen in China. His fleet of 317 ships were much larger and grander in comparison to Christopher Columbus. Zheng He brought with him precious stones such as jade, diamonds, gold and silver, and also silk and porcelain. Visiting many foreign lands, he laid a great Chinese influence and in return brought back many treasures unfathomable. He brought back novelties such as zebras, giraffes, and ivory from the Swahili, and important key spices from South East Asia. Many steles and temples have been erected for him in Asia. 

This modern perspective of his travels is portrayed into our newest collection. Opting for pastels and pop colors, it takes an edgier interpretation to emphasise the fantasy vibe of his journey and the many artefacts he brought to and from China.  The prints depict the jewels brought with him from ancient china, from ancient Chinese currency the sycee, pearls, jades, diamonds and ornaments. His voyage is also expressed in a pop-art version of traditional Chinese illustrations of waves and clouds.