Imagine a time warp where the Empress Dowager Qixi, seated on her throne of gold and pearls, has just assumed the empire of the Qing Dynasty in China, while Princess Leia, imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt in another galaxy, lies chained in shackles to a bikini of metal. These two visions have been the inspiration for the fascinating new collection of Michelle Worth.

In this collection, Michelle Worth stretches the plains of our fashion consciousness. She has applied design elements of both worlds to a collection steeped in lavish beading, tassles and her signature cheongsam collars, while Madame Grés' draping techniques were used to elicit thoughts of the barren dunes of Leia's surroundings. The colour palette of midnight blue, sea blue, sand and moss green is a reflection of the lush world of oceans and life on Tatooine before raiders reduced it to barren dunes.

Qing Dynasty imperial wardrobes and a fictional world of another galaxy - Michelle Worth has masterfully created a fusion of the two into this collection designed for the image of the modern woman, powerful yet sensual. 

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